Do we have a hidden part of ourselves that has unfair thoughts?

Do we have a part of ourselves that has unfair thoughts? We do. We try to stop ourselves as best we can. Please forgive us. We are sorry. Thank you. We care about ourselves and others.

You need to stop us from doing you wrong and we need to stop you from doing us wrong.  Whoever is doing wrong will be punished. Whoever stops doing wrong will not be punished and will be forgiven and honored. We need to do our best to be completely fair to each other.

Those that are unfair to us will be punished unless they stop. We do not talk about the past. It is from now on only. We need a great deal of money right now to teach this worldwide. We need the Law of fairness as described in The World Fairness Agreement. It is at Send money to This idea will not happen to create a world of fairness if we don’t get money. This idea will save us from more war and a terrible fate that is happening from unfairness. We need to hire people to make it happen.

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