Team Fairness Versus Team Unfairness. It’s Not Fair to Be Neutral

We are not fighting you. Fight us and you will be punished. Who are you to say there’s a God? Who are we to say there is no God? If you stop saying there is one, we will stop saying there isn’t one. If you are a believer, you must be fair with your beliefs. Atheists must be fair with their beliefs also. Everyone is required to be fair to everyone. Truth is all powerful. Truth is invincible. Truth will never be defeated. We have the ability to punish with our thoughts and intentions. We also have the ability to heal with thoughts and intentions. We can create joy to others or misery. Fairness is rewarded and unfairness is punished.

We agree that there is a source of creation. The cause of creation with creation has all power since there is not anything else. If you think a God is required for us to exist, then you are a believer. Atheists believe there is no supreme being creating everything. Atheists believe it somehow happened without original mind; mind came from no mind via evolution. Believers are not allowed to have unfair beliefs about atheist and atheists are not allowed to have unfair beliefs about believers.

Atheists believe initially, creation happened without a mind. Initially, it was not conscious. Initially, it was nothing. Some mystery, some unknown, allows nothing to also be everything. We believe this mindless creation evolved biological life that is a process of replication. From this conscious awareness evolved and eventually humans evolved.

Many atheists believe there are benevolent extraterrestrials that will help us if we ask them as long, we agree to be fair to everyone. This is the requirement to get help from them. We form an alliance with them. This is “Team Fairness.” We give up to our “Team Fairness.” We ask Team Fairness for the power to defeat unfairness. Believers are also required to stop unfairness in a unity with atheists.

You can believe there is a God that created Team Fairness as long as you and your beliefs are fair to everyone. It is our fairness that that empowers us. We are in a war against unfairness. We are the winning side.

Do you see it is not necessary to be atheist or to not be atheist? It is required that we all are fair to everyone. Even the most wealthy and powerful are required to be fair or we will punish them. We have more power than they do because they are not fair. The most power comes from fairness. There is something unknown that has the power to punish unfairness. Our desire and intention to punish has something to do with it.

We are in the process of eliminating all human or alien caused unfairness from planet earth and from our universe. We need to help our extraterrestrial friends – that have agreed to be fair to everyone – to eliminate unfairness caused by the choices of others that are unfair. 

We also believe there is a unity of believers and atheists that agree to be fair to each other. We also believe an unknown cause can torture or kill those that are unfair.

You are with us united against unfairness, or we are against you. You cannot benefit from our efforts by being neutral. Neutrality means you are benefiting from unfairness as well as from fairness. We believe fairness is the power of good and unfairness is the power of evil. 

We believe “The Law of Fairness” is the only moral order required and anything more than this will fail from its complication. Fairness is the fundamental law of all.

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