Addiction Program Spiritual Not 12 Step

This is not the 12 Steps.

The door to the past is closed and locked. You are forgiven for it. We are against anyone bringing up our past. It is secret and it is forgiven when we join Team Fairness or the Church of Fairness. Our service to others is to bring about The World Fairness Agreement.

Text, email or call – Contact Us – is an item in the menu. We can set up zoom meetings or have meeting and form local groups.

Because the benevolent extraterrestrials want us to succeed, they will help you stop your addiction. We are faith-based atheists and any other fair belief. We agree to be fair to everyone. We are spiritual but not religious although some good comes from religions. We focus on actual truth, not on mythology of an alleged supreme being that created reality. Those that are against actual truth are the anti-Christ. Christ represents actual truth. We probably won’t ever know all the truth of things, but we are learning more every day. 

We support implementation of the Law of Fairness because we need to stop the world from harming us. The unfairness of the world is one of the main causes of addiction and of not being able to – or not wanting to – stop.

We are a group of people joining together to protect each other and to totally accept each other as we are. Secrets are wonderful. So is sharing them if it does no harm. Some secrets are to be kept. 

Everything happens because it is created to happen, as it is arranged by the extreme power of the extraterrestrials. They control our universe. We practice equanimity. We do not know if an experience is helping or harming us. We accept everything as the will of the helpful extraterrestrials that care about our future. We work toward the awareness that we do not need anything or anyone. We are not bound by our relationships. We enjoy them. We care about the future of others too. Relationships are by agreement, and we can leave if we choose to. Love and desire can blind us from reality, keeping us from our highest good. When we are upset it is because we need to be. Emotional pain is telling something we need to become aware of. We strive for joy, fairness and happiness for everyone.