A Nonviolent World War 3 – War Means Competition or Conflict to Determine a Winner.


You do not need to do anything. You are welcome here with us. You are completely accepted as you are. We care about you and about what is happening to you that is unfair to you and yours.

We are in a nonviolent world war against unfairness. It is a nonviolent class warfare idea where there are 2 classes of people: fair and unfair. Everyone is one way or the other way. There is no neutral because if you answer yes to the question – do you agree to be fair to everyone – then you are a fair person. If you do not answer yes I agree then you are in the unfair person class. You might be totally fair to everyone but if you don’t answer yes to the question then you are not in the fair person class.

In disagreements use the 1-minute method. (Posts on 1 minute method can be located onsite with a search)

Fairness wins because eventually everyone will agree to be fair to everyone. It wins by invitation. We invite everyone to agree to be fair to everyone. No one wants to be done wrong. We all want fairness over being done wrong.