Instructions on awakening the ocean/all that is you.


You do not need to do anything. You are welcome here with us. You are completely accepted as you are. We care about you and about what is happening to you that is unfair to you and yours.

Instructions on awakening the ocean/all that is you. Before anything and everything else the all powerful all is what we are. Before the mind and body. Ocean means the Oneness of All that is. It is one indivisible whole. 

1. Give all of you to Higher Beings they have power over us. They Empower us and give those that are unfair to us what they deserve. They give us what we deserve. 

2. Give all your thoughts to higher beings. Thoughts are troublesome. 

3. Enjoy a mind with no thoughts. 

4. you will be empowered with protection so that no one can do you wrong they can’t hurt the ocean they can’t hurt the all. Higher beings will give everyone what they deserve. 

You are not the body, you are not the Mind. Be the hub of the wheel that is empty space so all can revolve around you and outside of you. Be the depths of the ocean. All the drama of the world and your own mind is just harmless waves on the surface that have no effect on the depths of the ocean. These are the steps to invincibility thinking. Only the all powerful all exists. 

It’s fair to require fairness from everyone. Grant us victory over those who are unfair to us

Become fair to everyone else so that you qualify for help from higher beings. Give all that you are to them. Now you’re the ocean.The ocean can’t be killed, it can’t be harmed. The ocean is the All-powerful all

Open the doors to everyone to join us in this way of life.  

We needed empowerment. Doing these practices gives victory over ego, both our own and the others. We are empowered to give the problem – the mess – to those that are unfair to us. Actually it is the higher beings that do the work. 

We give ourselves to them and serve fairness for all by protecting everyone from unfairness. We agree to be fair to everyone. This makes us worthy of protection from the unfairness of others. 

Unfair people need to be careful. Unpleasant things can happen to them.  If they want to be left alone by others they must stop being unfair. Fair people are spared from the difficulties unfair people go through. 

We have transcended our mind and body. The all powerful all is what actually exists and it is all that is. There is nothing beyond. Unfair, Controlling people are trying to control the all powerful all and it is impossible. 

This is a somewhat different spiritual practice from other religions in that we are stopping others from being unfair. Most other religions teach to leave the world alone. This enables evil to flourish. We intend on defeating evil. Evil is defined as unfairness. We invite everyone to stop being unfair and receive the gift of fairness. 

Our purpose is 2 fold. 

1.Free ourselves from undeserved suffering caused by the unfairness of others with our practices. 

2. Invite everyone to stop doing wrong to others and instead to care about everyone and to protect everyone from unfairness.