The Way of Fairness is Not Going to Take Over by Force

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The Way of Fairness is The Law of Fairness. 

The Purpose of The Way of Fairness to bring about The Law of Fairness with The World Fairness Agreement. It is not a plan to take over governments and religions. It does not destroy anything. It does not protest anything. It is not a revolution. 

This is not our way. Our purpose is to get everyone to understand that all existing governments and religions must become fair to everyone, or we are doomed. 

After The World Fairness Agreement is agreed with by everyone the Law of Fairness will rule all. It is the law that rules all laws and beliefs. The Law of Fairness that will be established with The World Fairness Agreement. We need to create the will in all the people to want to be ruled by The Law of Fairness, so no human unfairness happens to them from now on. 

Human unfairness is the cause of all human conflict. 

The Law of Fairness will prevent violent or harmful protests from happening. It will prevent violent revolutions from happening. It will prevent wars from happening where one nation tries to take over another nation. All problems will be resolved with The Law of Fairness.  Fairness will be the social order of the world.  

If Moses would have given us the Law of Fairness rather than the 10 commandments, we would be in a heavenly world now. If Marx would have brought about the Law of Fairness rather than violent revolutionary Marxism, we would have prevented all the wars and hatred that followed. If The Law of Fairness would have happened before the French Revolution the Guillotines would not have cut off people’s heads. You can see how all the violent wars we have had since humans began would have been prevented. 

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