Mass Murders with Guns Are Caused from Unfairness


You do not need to do anything. You are welcome here with us. You are completely accepted as you are. We care about you and about what is happening to you that is unfair to you and yours.

Unfairness is the cause of hatred. Mass murders are happening often these days. As always, I look for the root cause as being unfairness. What if these people are not being cared for? What if these people are being exploited? What if these mass murderers see people as being harmful to them? What if they would kill us all if they could?

Alternatively, what if they grew up in a world of fairness rather than unfairness – a world where people cared for each other – a world where all of us were protected from unfairness? What if they grew up in a world where everyone agreed to be fair to each other – to not exploit each other – to not do each other wrong – a world where no one walked on the feelings of others? What if they grew up in a world that had a World Fairness Agreement – where all the people, religions, governments and corporations all agreed to be fair in thought, in belief and in actions?

Think about it – hatred is caused by unfairness. We need The World Fairness Agreement.